Tracy Testimony

Hi, I’m Tracy, it’s more than 10 years that I’m an employee in a company of import/export for manufacturing goods, I liked this job because I was in contact with people but I was busy most of the day
and couldn’t look after my son and mother properly.
One day at work a client told me about JustGeThree, at the beginning I didn’t mind much because I had already had network marketing experiences without great results, but thanks to this person, who insisted, I went to and I checked the payplan, I saw the incomes, the prospects and the speed of the cycle system. I realized why with so much enthusiasm (the client) was advising me on this network,
now he is a friend and obviously my sponsor.
I was now able to ask for my job part-time, getting half a day to dedicate to my son, to my mother and some time for myself.
My goal is to work harder with JustGeThree so to have even more time,
to travel whenever I want and do so many wonderful
experiences with my family.
I have to say thanks to my friend  Mark  and JustGeThree for
the success I’ve reached so far.